Classroom Tripod Puppet Stage


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Portable, lightweight and simple…

Perfect for preschool, school classrooms, churches, puppet teams, and at home play!


This puppet stage was designed for those who want the space of a large stage, yet the simplicity that a small stage has to offer. Its portable tripod/crossbar design goes up in a matter of minutes.

Set includes:
2 Tripods (Adjustable from 27″ to 76″)
1 Cross Bar (Can be set to either 59″ or 88.5″ long)
1 Curtain (9′ wide by X 4′ 10″)
1 Tripod/crossbar carrying case

MAX stage dimensions: 88.5 X 59″ (with curtain)
MINIMUM stage dimensions: 59″ X 27″

Total carrying weight: 8.5lbs

*This stage should only be used with adult supervision.
*Puppets not included


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